La Voz Visual, where images arrive before words do, connecting with the world.

Who we are:

Photographers, designers and Visual Concepts creative professionals

Our team:

Juanma Guzmán, Clyde Fernando y Leticia Trotta

Our Success:

In our experience, the key is simplicity. Simplifying concepts to get to show a clear image of what we are looking for. One of the most important parts of our job is vocation, the will to work and the dedication in everything we do. Daydreaming is the best way to achieve the most authentic innovation and creativity.

Our fortune:

Working in what we love. When people do their job, they always encounter obstacles. In our case the best way to overcome them is being aware of how lucky we are working in what we love, offering us a daily satisfaction.

>How we work:

Gathering our client’s goals.

First issue: We need to know the public whom the images will be directed to.
Second issue: It is important also the means to broadcast the images we are creating: Press, printed catalog, on-line, etc.


At this moment we start searching for a unique identity, with personality, through the creation and inspiration of the current tendencies, generating original ideas adapted to the client necessities.
Although being original is not an easy task, we are constantly looking for ambiences, colors, lights and compositions to achieve inspiration, always motivated by our creative attitude.
We are people passionate and criticism with our work, we believe in our ideas, through which we capture sensations to communicate, express and transmit concepts with sensibility.

Our goals:

  • To improve the broadcasting and image of your Brand.
  • We have a different vision to create a corporative visual identity towards the success and positioning of companies or individuals in the current market.
  • To create aesthetic photographic art, achieving to update the old images and innovate with new, dynamic and modern ones that transmit emotions and sensations.
  • To attract and communicate ideas with photographic quality. Create high creativity images that impact, communicate and transmit messages with image and rich in information
  • To continue growing every day by transmitting attractive, clear and direct messages.
  • We are constantly looking for the newest trends, offering quality at an affordable and competitive price.
  • Proximity with our clients, embracing their project as if it was ours.
  • - We believe in solid relationships with our clients, working the photographic corporate strategy with imagination and inspiration, and creating trust since 2000 congregations, festivals, conferences, conventions, photocalls or any social meeting.

Our work philosophy is the key to success

Our services:

Beauty-Fashion Photography & catalogs: We work in minimal detail with finesse and elegance.

Corporate photography: "The image as a strategic asset"

  • Products and catalogs: Printed or online, with visual impact and attractive to all clients that are directed to. Making them unique and desirable at first sight.
  • Porporate portraits. We have two methods: in our studio or in the context of your workplace.
  • Photo-architecture and spaces (construction tracking) to decorate as to document buildings, facilities, factories, hotels, gyms, etc.
  • Events: We photograph all kind of official acts, presentations, talks, group photos, product launches, openings, congregations, festivals, conferences, conventions, photocalls or any social meeting.

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